Wine Bar & Cocktail Menu

The Wine Bar & Cocktail Menu

The comfortable and convivial atmosphere here has become, for many, a favorite destination any day of the week.  Ask for one of our delectable libations, choose from any number of craft beers, or enjoy one of our many wines available by the glass. And when the time comes to eat, our bar menu offers a variety of small and large plates, as well as artisanal cheeses and charcuterie.  (Scroll down for seasonal cocktail menu)  

Winter Cocktail Menu

Paloma Shores
smokey mezcal, campari, fresh lime, seltzer
Refreshing grapefruit with a modern Mexican twist!

Gettin’  Figgy With It
Fig vodka, Dolin Blanc, balsamic simple syrup, cardamom bitters
Bringin’ it home for the holidays!

Nikki’s Negroni
Rye whiskey, dolin rouge, campari, black walnut bitters
Perfect digestif, a heartier negroni for winter days

The Poinsettia
Sparkling wine, Espirit de June, cranberry bitters
A festive, not-too-sweet bubbly cocktail

Danny’s Shandy
Shiner Cheer, cranberry bitters, ginger beer, spiced rim
A crisp alternative to Autumn’s pumpkin brews

Housemade Red Harvest  Sangria
Grilled citrus, Spanish garnacha, brandy &  Grand Marnier
A robust, warming sangria for changing seasons

Ezy Ryder
Johnny drum bourbon, dolin blanc, black walnut & orange bitters, blackberry syrup
Bite of bourbon with a subtle sweet finish and a little bit of depth