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The Wine Bar & Cocktail Menu

The comfortable and convivial atmosphere here has become, for many, a favorite destination any day of the week.  Ask for one of our delectable libations, choose from any number of craft beers, or enjoy one of our many wines available by the glass. And when the time comes to eat, our bar menu offers a variety of small and large plates, as well as artisanal cheeses and charcuterie.

Winter Cocktail Menu

Charm City Shandy.  Greenbar TRU vanilla vodka, Schlafly Pumpkin ale, orange juice. House shandy with nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Red Pomegranate Sangria.  E & J brandy, red wine, pomegranate. Aged brandy and red wine with pomegranate tartness.

WMG&T.  Baltimore Whiskey Company Shot Tower gin, house-made jasmine & green tea tonic. Locally sourced gin, fragrant botanical tonic.

When Figs Fly.  Fig infused brandy, Grand Marnier, lemon, angostura. Classic brandy sidecar sweetened with black mission figs.

Hearth & Soul.  Old Overholt Whiskey, house cacao dram, Averna Amaro, mole bitters, Arbol chile. Bittersweet cacao and caramel with the subtle burn of rye whiskey.

The Naughty List.  Organic Vanilla vodka, cherry wine, house pimento dram, cranberry, rosemary. Notes of clove, orange peel, and vanilla.

Rouge Collins.  Vodka, Lillet Rouge, sage, lemon, lime. Rich and herbaceous with citrus and sage.

Stay Golden.  Blackwell Jamaican Rum, Golden Falernum, butternut squash, clove. Savory squash, dark rum, seasonal spices.

Wine Bar

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