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The Wine Bar & Cocktail Menu

The comfortable and convivial atmosphere here has become, for many, a favorite destination any day of the week.  Ask for one of our delectable libations, choose from any number of craft beers, or enjoy one of our many wines available by the glass. And when the time comes to eat, our bar menu offers a variety of small and large plates, as well as artisanal cheeses and charcuterie.

Spring Cocktail Menu

Charm City Shandy.  Shot Tower gin/Allagash White wheat ale/lemon. A refreshing combination of beer and local spirits with floral aromatics and citrus.

White Honey & Nectarine Sangria.  Barr Hill gin/white wine/Suze/grapefruit/wildflower honey/nectarines. Honey, citrus, and sweet nectarines make for a refreshing spring treat.

WMG&T.  Principe de los Apostoles Mate Gin/house made eucalyptus tonic. Gin from Argentina blended with our very own yerba mate and eucalyptus tonic.

The Lion.  Blackwell Jamaican rum/St. George Raspberry liqueur/house pimento dram/lime/Angostura. A Caribbean spin on the Prohibition Era Lion’s Tail with flavors of raspberry, allspice, and molasses.

Sparkling Mai Tai.  Light rum/dark rum/Orgeat almond liqueur/Cointreau/lime/Cava. A classic Mai Tai preparation built into a sparkling mimosa.

Harvest Lemonade.  Prairie Organic Cucumber vodka/house mint lemonade. Sweet and refreshing.  A Wine Market favorite 13 years running!

Sol Naciente.  Gracias a Dios smoky mescal/Luxardo maraschino/grapefruit/lime/salt. Smoky, tart, and sweet with just the slightest hint of salt. Beat the heat with this tasty beverage!

The Lawrenceburg.  Bulleit bourbon/Earl Grey tea/raspberry/strawberry/honey/rhubarb. Tasty bourbon punch packed with spring fruit flavors. Cold and refreshing!

Wine Bar

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